Monday, October 6, 2008

my friend, bumblebee

The title of my blog comes from my son, Rex. His first imaginary friend is Bumblebee. Bumblebee is a bee who lives on Rex’s shoulder (usually the right shoulder). When he’s not on Rex’s shoulder, it generally means that he’s at work. Where he makes honey. When we are in the car, Bumblebee rides in the back (trunk). All the other friends Rex brings along are more invisible than imaginary, since they are real friends of his, they just don’t happen to be around as often as he claims.

Starting this blog, I wanted to have a place that I could write about all aspects of my life as a mother. One of my favorite things right now is Rex’s imagination. It just fills me with wonder that he is able to make up so many things for his world and I have so much fun playing along with him. And it seems like such a milestone for my son to have his first imaginary friend.

I love Bumblebee, and I know I’m going to miss him when he’s gone. It will just be one more thing that Rex leaves behind as he grows up. So, hopefully, my blog title will help Bumblebee live on just a little. I’m sure it will at least help me remember why I wanted to start writing and how I felt as a mom at this time in our lives.


Anita said...

I love Rex's imagination,too, but I think midnight is too late for his mommy to be up. Maybe I'm just prejudiced because I'm HER mommy!

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