Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Don't Kiss Me If You're Going to Put Your Tongue in My Mouth!"

That’s one of the many things I find myself saying to my 3 year old lately that I never imagined would come out of my mouth.

A few others:

“It’s not nice to lick people. Your friends won’t like it if you lick them.”

“This is a special kind of French fry. It’s called a tater tot.”

This is why I’m starting this blog. I want a place to document all of the amazing things that come along with raising two boys. The funny times. The sweet times. The sad times. A place where friends and family can keep up with what’s going on with us no matter where they are.

So, I’m a stay-at-home mom with two little boys. (Side note: I’m not really comfortable putting their real names on the internet, so for this blog, I’m giving them nicknames.) Rex is my older son, he just turned 3 last week. “Rex” comes from a shortened version of a nickname I used for a while because he loves dinosaurs. My younger son is Spike, he’s seven months old. Last week he got his first two teeth and today he had his first haircut. Which is where his nickname comes from. He was born with an amazing head of hair that spiked up into a perfect mohawk for the first month or so of his life. Leading up to his first haircut at only seven months. My husband works from home, so the boys get to have their daddy around all day. I get to benefit from his help when I need it.

I think that’s about all I have for tonight. Hopefully you’ll enjoy stopping by and following along in our lives.


Ken said...

I will be a regular visitor here. How did I miss the teeth last Saturday?

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